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Options: Falafel - £5.95, Chicken - £6.45, Merguez (lamb sausage) - £6.95
Filled with vegetables, guacamole, tomato, cheese, Mexican rice, tomato salsa, samurai sauce. All served with salad and fries


Options: Chicken - £6.95, Merguez - £6.95, Vegetables - £5.95, Calzone - £6.95.
Tomato tortilla, guacamole, cheese, mexican salsa. All served with salad and fries

Mezze (selection of small dishes)

Veggie: Hummus, zaalouk, couscous marinated beetroot and pitta bread - £6.75/ take out £5.90
Meat: Grilled meat, hummus, zaalouk, couscous and pitta bread - £7.75/ £6.95 take out
Tartine Mix Grilled: selection of meat served with rice or couscous and sweet chilli sauce - £8.50/ £6.95 take out

Other Selections - £7.95/ take out £6.95

Grilled Chicken & Steamed vegetables served with lemon and herbs dressing
Chicken Pastilla: served with mix Italian leaves and grilled vegetables
Salmon fishcakes: served with fries, salad, grilled vegetables piquant sauce
Grilled Chicken In Chermoula Or Merguez And Mixed Couscous: Merguez or Chicken marinated in sun blushed tomato, ginger, lime juice, garlic and mixed herbs served with a mixed Couscous on Rocket, Parmesan, and Pesto dressing
Moroccan Meatballs with fresh tomato sauce and herbs: served with rice and vegetables
Homemade Vegeterian Lasagna: served with rocket salad and parmesan
Hummus with Merguez: (lamb sausages) served with chargrilled vegetables and salad
Homemade Falafel and Zaalouk (aubergine caviar, tomato, herbs) served with couscous

Kids Menu - £5.50

Chicken fillet with fries or Pasta with meatballs and fresh tomato sauce
- Cup Cakes And Apple Juice
Homemade soup of the day - £3.50
Basket of french bread - £1.95
Pasta of the day - £5.95

Calzone - £6.95/ £5.95 take out

Chicken, mince beef, cheese, guacamole, salsa sauce with fries and salad

Formula - £9.90

Starter, any main course, coffee
Main course, dessert, coffee

Burgers - £6.90/ take out £5.95

Options: Homemade veggie burger
Homemade beef burger
Grilled chicken fillet burger
All served with fries and salad

Salads - £6.90/ take out £5.50

Salad Nicoise: mixed salad, new potato, tuna, green beans, anchovies, eggs, onions, cherry tomato
Tricolore salad: Mozzarella, avocado,tomato, mix Italian leaves
Grilled chicken caesar salad: served with parmesan and croutons
Tartine salad choose your topping Goat cheese, zaalouk, guacamole
Mediterranean chicken salad served with grilled vegetables

Side Dishes

Roasted vegetables with balsamic syrup - £2.60
Hummus with pitta bread - £2.85
Zaalouk served with flat bread - £2.90
Mixed Couscous - £2.70
Falafel - £2.75
Cheese - £0.50
French fries - £2.00
Flat bread - £0.50

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