Drinks Menu

Cold Drinks

Freshly squeezed orange juice £2.50
Citron Presse £1.95
Coke or diet coke £1.60
San Pellegrino lemonade £1.25
Water 1l or 500ml £ 2.80/1.10
Perrier £1.95
Home made ice coffee with whipped cream £2.70

Fresh Smoothies All £3.50

Raspberry Heaven Raspberry, blueberry, mango & papaya
Strawberry Delight Strawberry, peach & papaya
Mandarin Pleasure Mandarin, mango & papaya
Pineapple Sunset Pineapple, mango & papaya
Mango Dream Mango & Pear
Strawberry Breeze Strawberry & Banana

Fresh Homemade Ice Tea - All £3.10

Passion Fruit

Hot Drinks

Expresso £1.60
Americano £1.75(small)/ £2.00(large)
Latte £1.85(small)/ £2.10(large)
Cappuccino £1.80(small)/ £2.10(large)
Double expresso £1.90
Deca coffees £2.00(small)/ £2.25(large)
Mocha £2.10
Hot chocolate £2.10
Viennese Chocolate £2.30
Viennese Coffee £2.30
Flavours extra £0.40
Soya milk £0.40

Diabolo Lemonade: - £2.20

Mint, Strawberry, Grenadine


Darjeeling, Peppermint, Earl Grey, English breakfast Green Tea, Assam
Small pot £2.50
Large pot £3.50

MilkShakes: Made With Ice Cream £2.70



Breakfast Menu

(Monday to Friday Breakfast served till 4pm)

Tartine Full Breakfast: - £7.45

Bacon, sautéed potatoes, mushrooms, tomate provençal, fried or scrambled egg served with french toast

Tartine Full Vegetarian Breakfast: - £7.45

Veggie sausage, mushrooms, sautéed potatoes, tomate provencal, fried or scrambled egg and Brie, served with french toast

French Bread Basket: - £1.95

served with butter and confiture

Viennoiserie: Croissant - £1.20


Pain Au Chocolat, Pain Au Raisins, Almond Croissant - £1.40


Croissant Au Fromage Et Tomate - £3.90


Croissant Jambon Fromage - £4.50


Scrambled Eggs:

(free range) on french toasted bread, served with salad or fries - £4.10
With smoked salmon - £5.85

Free Range Omelette Maison:

served with french fries or mixed salad - £6.85
(make your choice of 3 vegetable fillings, musroom, cheese, onion, roasted veg... any extra will be charged 0.50p. Bacon, salmon, ham, will be charged £1)

Eggs Royale - £5.85

poached eggs and smoked salmon on toasted brioche with hollandaise sauce served with mixed salad

Eggs Benedict - £5.85

poached eggs and ham on toasted brioche with hollandaise sauce served with mixed salad

Croque Monsieur - £5.95

(served with salad or fries)

Croque Madame - £6.25

(served with salad or fries)

Sides - £1.50

roasted vegetable, musroom, provencal tomatoes, sauteed potatoes

Sandwiches and Baguettes


Eat in - £5.50 - served with salad and fries
Take out - £3.90 - served with fries
Options: Club sandwich: Ham, salad, tomato, boiled egg, granary bread
Bagel: smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese served with fries


Eat in - £5.50 - served with salad and fries
Take out - £3.90 - served with fries
Options: Chicken salad and tomato with chermoula dressing
Smoked salmon and Brie with french dressing
Brie, salad and tomato and french dressing
Mozzarella tomato and pesto dressing
Merquez, salad and samurai sauce
Roasted vegetables, hummus and salad

Main Menu


Options: Falafel - £5.95, Chicken - £6.45, Merguez (lamb sausage) - £6.95
Filled with vegetables, guacamole, tomato, cheese, Mexican rice, tomato salsa, samurai sauce. All served with salad and fries


Options: Chicken - £6.95, Merguez - £6.95, Vegetables - £5.95, Calzone - £6.95.
Tomato tortilla, guacamole, cheese, mexican salsa. All served with salad and fries

Mezze (selection of small dishes)

Veggie: Hummus, zaalouk, couscous marinated beetroot and pitta bread - £6.75/ take out £5.90
Meat: Grilled meat, hummus, zaalouk, couscous and pitta bread - £7.75/ £6.95 take out
Tartine Mix Grilled: selection of meat served with rice or couscous and sweet chilli sauce - £8.50/ £6.95 take out

Other Selections - £7.95/ take out £6.95

Grilled Chicken & Steamed vegetables served with lemon and herbs dressing
Chicken Pastilla: served with mix Italian leaves and grilled vegetables
Salmon fishcakes: served with fries, salad, grilled vegetables piquant sauce
Grilled Chicken In Chermoula Or Merguez And Mixed Couscous: Merguez or Chicken marinated in sun blushed tomato, ginger, lime juice, garlic and mixed herbs served with a mixed Couscous on Rocket, Parmesan, and Pesto dressing
Moroccan Meatballs with fresh tomato sauce and herbs: served with rice and vegetables
Homemade Vegeterian Lasagna: served with rocket salad and parmesan
Hummus with Merguez: (lamb sausages) served with chargrilled vegetables and salad
Homemade Falafel and Zaalouk (aubergine caviar, tomato, herbs) served with couscous

Kids Menu - £5.50

Chicken fillet with fries or Pasta with meatballs and fresh tomato sauce
- Cup Cakes And Apple Juice
Homemade soup of the day - £3.50
Basket of french bread - £1.95
Pasta of the day - £5.95

Calzone - £6.95/ £5.95 take out

Chicken, mince beef, cheese, guacamole, salsa sauce with fries and salad

Formula - £9.90

Starter, any main course, coffee
Main course, dessert, coffee

Burgers - £6.90/ take out £5.95

Options: Homemade veggie burger
Homemade beef burger
Grilled chicken fillet burger
All served with fries and salad

Salads - £6.90/ take out £5.50

Salad Nicoise: mixed salad, new potato, tuna, green beans, anchovies, eggs, onions, cherry tomato
Tricolore salad: Mozzarella, avocado,tomato, mix Italian leaves
Grilled chicken caesar salad: served with parmesan and croutons
Tartine salad choose your topping Goat cheese, zaalouk, guacamole
Mediterranean chicken salad served with grilled vegetables

Side Dishes

Roasted vegetables with balsamic syrup - £2.60
Hummus with pitta bread - £2.85
Zaalouk served with flat bread - £2.90
Mixed Couscous - £2.70
Falafel - £2.75
Cheese - £0.50
French fries - £2.00
Flat bread - £0.50


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